Thursday, April 16, 2009

FRG 1: Jimi Hendrix

James Marshall Hendrix (1942-1970) is considered to be the greatest rock guitarist of all time. In my opinion, he is the very first of the electric guitar virtuosos.

He was influenced by blues guitarist such as B.B. King and Muddy Water so his sound is rather bluesy. But he is also experimental, the first one to use stereo "phasing" effects on guitar. Famous of playing "Star Spangled Banner" in Woodstock '69, using drugs especially LSD and amphetamines even on stage and mostly his "lefty" Stratocaster. It was in fact a regular right-handed Strat but he prefers to restring it and use it as a lefty one. This had an important effect on his guitar sound; because of the slant of Strat's bridge pickup, his low-E string has a bright sound while his high-E has a mellow one.

He was a real show-man on stage. Playing his guitar with his teeth or on his back.

Died in London, Notting Hill on September 18, 1970. His reason of death was not revealed. But police found simply red wine in his vomit. Sad story...

Introduction to Famous Rock Guitarists

From now on I will try to share you guys the information I know and gathered about the famous rock guitarists... I will start with Jimi Hendrix. If you help me with the list of them, feel free to write down here as a comment. I will Label them as FRG.. you'll soon see.

Vincent van Gogh

van gogh cut one of his ear off
and gave it to a prostitute,

she disgusted of it
and threw it off to the street

prostitutes don't want ear
they want money

you are a great painter because of you don't understand anything else
I think....


he wants to be a monk like his father but he can't
he starts painting at 26
he suicides at 36
he creates more than 800 masterpieces in ten years
he is a genius that is so depressive....


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tony Meeuwissen " Playing Cards "

Ibanez X Series Iceman ICT700

If you wanna make some hard rock or heavy metal, you can try it with this axe. Wıth its iceman shaped mahogany body, DiMarzio D-Activator humbuckers, neck-thru design, reverse headstock and reverse sharktooth inlays on its rosewood fingerboard this machine is a shred monster.

There's only Indonesia made of this guitar here in Turkey. They say the Indonesian Ibanez's are infamous cos of their badly done paint jobs especially at neck-body joint section. But this one is neck-thru so that section is smooth there. Be cautious while buying.